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    Engineered with a proprietary, zero-waste upcycling process, itsTRU™ Technology offers a unique combination of benefits that improves the performance of flooring — and the people who use it — while minimizing impact on the planet.

The Technology


itsTRU Technology starts with rubber that is diverted from landfills and incineration. It’s then upcycled into vulcanized composition rubber (VCR) using an innovative pressurized process that develops and captures energy. We call this the NRG Factor, which is the ability to absorb force while returning usable energy back to the body. The patented, carbon-negative itsTRU Technology process then fusion bonds the VCR to virtually any flooring surface, like turf, carpet or heterogeneous sheet vinyl.

Wear layer

Most types of commercial and athletic flooring surfaces can be enhanced with our fusion-bonding process.

Our Sustainability Story

Made by an industry leader in upcycled products technology, itsTRU Technology goes beyond carbon neutral. The carbon-negative, zero-waste process diverts rubber from landfills and carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. From minimizing water use to maximizing energy efficiency, our state-of-the-art equipment and innovative manufacturing processes reflect our responsibility to our team, customers, partners — and our planet.

Circular Economy

A pioneer in the circular economy movement, the itsTRU Technology team transforms the rubber waste of today into the innovative products of tomorrow. From our proprietary manufacturing that uses 40% less energy than standard industry procedures to our closed-loop chilling system that maximizes water usage, we leverage smart resource management to manufacture better products and create a more sustainable world.


With a legacy of transforming waste that goes back more than a century, our team precision-engineered a next-generation upcycling process that turns a waste material — in this case, rubber — into a product that offers more value than the original. itsTRU Technology delivers a premium upcycled building material that improves flooring products with enhanced levels of safety, ergonomics and acoustics.

Carbon Negative

itsTRU Technology is manufactured as a zero-waste process with a carbon footprint that goes beyond carbon neutral. Our carbon-negative process reclaimed more than 112 million pounds of tires from the waste stream in 2019 while only producing 8.7 million pounds of waste — a net landfill diversion of 103.3 million pounds.

million pounds of truck tires diverted from landfills in 2019*

million gallons of water conserved each year*


less energy used by our proprietary processes than standard industry procedures*

*Based on 2019 statistics compiled by Ecore International; figures updated annually.



itsTRU Technology is proud to partner with companies that share the mission to enhance the performance of the people using the floor while preserving the planet. For example, our technology can help flooring manufacturers earn LEED points, a third-party verification for green buildings, or earn FloorScore® certification for use in high-performance schools and office buildings.

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